About Us

It’s our goal to develop natural high-tech products that will take homeopathy into the future.

Because nature and innovation are not a contradiction, but rather the key to progress.

Strategic and operative Pharma – Consulting

In 2001, Syntrion was founded as a consulting firm for “regulatory affairs” by Laila and Ronald Ullmann. “Regulatory Affairs” deals with the registration of medical drugs and examines the quality, shelf life, efficacy and harmlessness of such products. Today, the most prominent manufacturers of homeopathic remedies rely on Syntrion for their registrations.

Effective and safe remedies

We have been developing natural, safe and effective remedies since 2006. Our company’s founders looked to nature during development and found active ingredients which have displayed promising cell test and application results. From our headquarters in the Black Forest (Calw, Germany) we manage our production, quality assurance and monitor our highly regulated manufacturing process.

New and natural active ingredients

Here at Syntrion, we research our natural active ingredients’ mode of action in cooperation with the University of Vienna because they target newly discovered mechanisms of the immune system. Furthermore, we are invested in biomarker research in order to be able to recognize diseases earlier and treat them more effectively in the future.

Certified and vegan natural cosmetics

As a natural remedy manufacturer we believe in cosmetic skin care products that are natural, effective and contain high quality ingredients. That way our cosmetic products are suitable for people with very sensitive skin. They help the skin fight oxidative stress, calm and relax reddened, dry or stressed skin.

Ronald Ullmann
Ronald UllmannCompany Founder & CEO
“Taking a closer look and discovering unknown details – that is what has fascinated me ever since I was a child. As a biochemist it is my goal to prove the efficacy of the SyLine’s natural remedies through objective, scientific methods. That way we can support traditional know-how with modern science.”
Laila Ullmann
Laila UllmannCompany Founder & CEO
“I believe that health is a multidimensional phenomenon. It encompasses a natural, unpolluted environment as well as the opportunity to live life according to one’s ambitions and wishes. Therefore our goal of developing and researching natural remedies in order to make medicine more efficient, safer and more tolerable is certainly worthwhile.”