Our products

Naturalness, Efficacy, Safety & Quality

Our quality criteria:

We have defined quality criteria for all our products – whether natural remedy or cosmetic – which apply to every product development and production but also guide us in our daily business:


Usually, our body can handle “familiar” compounds better than unfamiliar compounds. That is why we employ natural ingredients that distinguish themselves through efficacy and tolerability instead of relying on synthetic compounds.

Proven efficacy:

It is a privilege of our time that the truly exciting things have become measurable through highly sensitive tools and analysis methods. We utilize this technology to determine our natural active ingredients’ efficacy with objective, scientific methods and therefore be able to separate the wheat from the chaff/the sheep from the goats.

Safety and quality:

All our active ingredients, additives and packaging materials have been toxicologically tested, analyzed for residue and controlled by the regulating authorities. That is how we ensure that our products are safe, tolerable and of reliable quality.

Our Products

Natural, effective, safe

“Syntrion remedies are awesome! The more I use them, the more my patients and I are impressed.”
Dr. Christopher J. Fabricius, ND
“A client’s daughter had terrible allergy and sinus congestion. I gave her a sample of SyAllgen tablets and lotion to try. For two whole weeks, while on the SyAllgen, her daughter was completely silent in the room, with no allergy symptoms whatsoever! She couldn´t wait to get her daughter back on it again.”
Dr. Deanna G. Simonson, N.D.
“I won´t go anywhere without SyCircue lotion and tablets, nor SyGest.”
Judy Loring, NC
“I have to say that I was very skeptical when I first heard about the Eira cream. Well, I´ve been using the cream for a few months now, and not only do I see a difference in the quality and tone of my skin, but I´ve had several people comment on how nice my skin looks. I am going to sound like a paid infomercial, because I really love the Eira cream.”
Judy Loring, NC
“I am very impressed with the efficacy of the SyImmune and the SyGest. The power of these remedies is making me rethink my prescriptions like never before!”
Dr. Scott Storrie, DC
“Syntrion remedies will be the bridge that takes homeopathy into mainstream medical use because of the tremendous level of scientific human cell line research employed and their unarguable efficacy equaling anything that the pharmaceutical realm has to offer and all that with ZERO toxicity”
Dr. Christopher J. Fabricius, ND


As a German company based in the black forest, we work together with our US partners, who support, carry and distribute our products, our knowledge and our health philosophy.